Cork Bulletin Board and the Parthenon

For a non-knitting Completed Project... I finally finished my Cork Bulletin Board. I bought the board for this project years ago and acquired the corks as we drank wine. Some I collected when we traveled to France, England, Scotland, Wales and Italy, and some I collected from my own stash and then others were donated to me. It came to me that I obviously don't drink enough wine because it was taking forever to collect enough, so I finally broke down and bought some corks on ebay. May be cheating I know but at the rate I was collecting them personally, I would have been retired and wouldn't really care about keeping notes on a bulletin board. So I've taken a picture of it by itself, it measures 23 inches square. The second picture I placed a recent KnitPicks catalog for size reference.

I took some beautiful fall pictures from my office window on Friday. This is a view of the Parthenon in Nashville. Yes, it is a replica of the Parthenon in Greece, we are the sister city. The Parthenon holds beautiful art and sculpture and is a definite "must see" on a visit to Nashville.

"Snug Harbor" cat bed for Bosephus

In the Holiday 2007 issue of KnitSimple, there is a pattern for a "Snug Harbor" by Rae French. Ms. French is the Founder and CEO of Hugs for Homeless Animals and she designed this Snug Harbor to be knit for animals that live in shelters as part of the Snuggles Project. If you would like to help out with this project by knitting some Snug Harbors, please go visit the above link.

We have an outside cat that we allow inside sometimes on the weekend and he's been lying on a flat piece of knitted fabric. When I saw the pattern for the Snug Harbor, I knew I just had to make it for him. It is knit in the round and then decreased similar to a hat and that's what makes it spiral in the middle. You then take some quilt batting to make a nice rounded padding around the sides which helps snuggle the cat (or small dog if you prefer) and it even gives them a little pillow to lay their head.

I used Lion Brand Homespun in the Tudor colorway, it took a little over 1 skein. The pattern suggests that you stripe it with a darker color, but I decided just to make it one color and the yarn striped on its own. This was easily a weekend project even with the seaming and the padding.

As you can see, Bosephus already loves it and he snuggles in it.

Around the farm

We had our first real frost here on Nov 2nd. See below picture of the frost. It was absolutely beautiful. Much more contrast than the picture provides.

The Man has been bushhogging so the farm is looking very good and I went on a little hike to get some pictures. The vibrant fall colors really show even though we had a terribly dry summer. I think the weather man said we were short on rainfall by around 16 inches this year. That's huge.

As for knitting, I completed the navy socks, pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks. I had to frog it a little bit on sock #1, and I rarely frog anything, so it delayed me a little bit. Otherwise, I have been working on the holiday gift, baby bibs and I made a snuggly cat bed. Pics to come soon.