Road Trip

DH and I took a little road trip on Saturday to Land Between the Lakes. They call it Kentucky Lake on the west and Lake Barkley on the east but it's really the Tennessee River and the Cumberland River respectively. Very beautiful scenery and lots to do if you like to camp, boating, ATV's, hike, etc. It was a little warm yesterday but we kept the windows rolled down and took a leisurely drive through the park. We had the forethought to pack a picnic lunch and we stopped at one of the many picnic tables in the shade and ate our lunch. We drove through the Elk and Bison Prairie and took a few pictures of the bison, the elk were smarter and must have hidden in the shade somewhere on their 300 acres.

The car got in the male's way as he was crossing the road and he just stood there and breathed heavily until we backed up. He didn't go around the car, it was the funniest thing.
Then Momma and baby were getting ready to cross the road too and they walked behind the car.

There are supposed to be 67 in total on this part of the prairie, so no telling where the others were. Smarter and in the shade I suppose.
On the way back home, we drove thru Clarksville and stopped at Silke's German Cafe and had some coffee and a slice of Black Forest Cake in addition to buying some bread and croissants to take home.

I cast on for a new project......the Lace Ribbon Scarf from Knitty. I am knitting it with Shibui Sock yarn, 100% superwash merino in the Mulberry colorway (S229), a wine color. I cast-on 5 different times and kept messing up. I was watching Laurel and Hardy's Saps at Sea movie and just kept losing track of where I was. I think it's an easy pattern to remember I just kept losing my place and it's not an easy one to tink because of the YO's. Maybe I need to use some stitch markers.

Clapotis is finished!!!

I started the Clapotis in March 2008 as part of the Nashville Knitting and Crochet Guild KAL. I knit it with Knitpicks Elegance, 70% Baby Alpaca and 30% Silk. It was a dream to knit with and the pattern itself is great and keeps your interest throughout. I loved it. My Wednesday lunchtime knitsibs took pics of my modeling it.

I first modeled it as a doubled wrap scarf for winter time.

Then this is how I wore it to the theater last Friday when we went to see the Music Man. I had remembered last time we were in this theater that it was quite chilly, so I was very happy to tote the Clapotis. Even my husband was enjoying it draped over his arm in the theater.

It is light weight, but warm. I will be making another one of these, they are so much fun!

Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn

I am knitting this Triangular Shawl from the Noro Kureyon sock yarn, it's an easy pattern to remember and the striping effect is just wonderful! They had a shawl sample on display at LYS Haus of Yarn in a different colorway and I fell in love with it. I just had to make one.
Such vibrant colors.

Baby Cardigan and Booties for MAA

I finished this little set and instead of doing buttons and buttonholes, I opted for the attached I-Cord and I really like the effect. It was so easy to do, I will definitely be doing it again. This was knit with Sirdar Snuggly Bamboo, this yarn is glorious and oh so soft. It's 80% bamboo and 20% wool. The booties are from a pattern by MadelineTosh, Dainty Booties. They are great to knit, and oh so easy, no stitches to pick up.


Bosephus was being very agreeable in having his picture taken, so I took full advantage of it. Not to bombard any readers with his photo, but thought it was a good place to have several pics for friends and family to see. His new "adulthood" scar can be seen across his nose. He's still a cutie though.

Spindolyn, Clapotis and more yarn

I purchased this Spindolyn at the Middle Tennessee Fiber Festival too but it just came in the mail. They had actually run out of them so I placed my order. Catherine showed me how to use it while I was there and the concept was fabulous. You place the base between your legs and then you don't have to waste one of your hands holding the spindle. You can see the video on how to use it here.
I started the Clapotis in March as part of the Nashville Knitting Guild KAL. I made the larger stole version and I am almost done with it. I am on the decrease rows and have really enjoyed knitting this project. I am not planning on blocking it becasue I love the ribbed effect when it's not wrapped around me. I knit it with KnitPicks Elegance in the Cornflower colorway. Elegance is 70% baby alpaca and 30% silk. It is very luxurious next to my skin.

Scored some more yarn while at knit night at Haus of Yarn.

I purchased this Noro sock yarn to make a triangular shawl.

Bosephus has been missing nearly a week......

The last time I saw my sweet mouse-eater was Tuesday. He finally showed up today in reasonable good health although he has some scars. He may have some bruising around his sides and belly because he hissed at me when I rubbed him along his sides. Maybe he'll learn to stay closer to home. He's a 2 yr old tomcat, so who knows where he went. It's the first time he's been away from home this long before, 2 days was the longest before.