Argh! It's still July. Knitting at lunch is a good break to the long week

Are you friggin' kiddin' me?????

It's been in the upper 90's + for days on end, actually weeks on end. Nary a cloud in the sky, just beating down sun, all day long. It's a killer! It just drains the living daylights out of you.

Seriously, we need some cool weather.

On the knitting front, Ishbel. I have been working on it while watching the Tour de France. I finally got through all the repeats of Sections A and B. I started Section C last night. It's a very fun lace pattern and relatively easy to memorize if you weren't busy watching the Tour and those grueling mountain stages.

There is a group of us that work downtown that meet every Wednesday to knit at lunch. It started with just 2 of us and has grown to a group of 10. We work in different places and met through the wonders of Ravelry. On rare occasions, we are ALL able to make it and one day in June there was such an occasion. I was able to grab a photo of us all.
We are a mixed group of IT professionals, RN's, paralegals, bankers, risk analysts, etc. We always have plenty to talk about and the hour goes way too quickly.

Some recent purchases

Aslan Trends Tango - LYS Haus of Yarn has had a shop model scarf made with this yarn and although it's mostly acrylic, it's very soft and I kept going back to it. So, I finally bought two different skeins, one variegated in black, gray and white and one in navy blue. It's a slightly nubby yarn and the pattern for the scarf came with the purchase of the yarn. It's knit with size 10 needles, so it will be a fast knit.

I've been working on the Ishbel during the Tour de France. I only work on it while we watch that grueling race. I decided to make the large version and I have now completed the A & B sections twice. I have the last A section to do and then I get to move on to Sections C, D, & E.

I also purchased this beautiful Malabrigo to make the Owl Cowl and Neckwarmer. A free pattern on Ravelry.

I completed the Potato Chip scarf knit with Mini Mochi. I still have the other one with Plymouth Kudo on the needles and I'm working on getting that one complete as well. This is knit with one skein of Mini Mochi on size US8 needles. The scarf is approximately 36 inches long. It's perfect to place around your neck and tuck it in to a jacket and wear it loose. It's not long enough to wrap several times around the neck, but with the ruffles it's not really necessary anyway. The ruffles add plenty of bulk.

Fourth of July, the love of 3-day weekends and the Tour de France

I absolutely LOVE 3-day weekends and wish I had them 2 or 3 times a month, but as human nature would prevail, I would then want 4-day weekends, so for now I will cherish my 3 day weekends.
We were invited to several parties to celebrate the 4th and we opted to go to John and Kitty's in Clarksville, since they will be moving later this year. It was a fun party, delicious food and great fireworks. They have a beautiful view overlooking the river and their landscaping was great and fit the environment just perfectly. I wish I had a desire to play in the dirt, but I guess if I did, it would take time away from knitting.
I tried casting on for Citron several times last night as I thought I would make it my Tour de France ("TDF") project. I'm using Misti Alpaca Lace in a beautiful purple. I ripped it out 4 times already and finally put it down. My problem is that I'm trying to do it on metal needles rather than bamboo and that's not going to work, it's too slippery. So today, I will try it again on wooden needles and since this is just Day 2 of the TDF, I can still count it as my TDF project. The pattern uses Malabrigo Lace, which I do have as well and I may have to switch to that if I can't get the Misti Alpaca to work.
Otherwise, Ishbel (Rav Link) is coming along nicely. I'm almost done with the stockinette portion. Then I can start the pretty lace pattern.
Hope everyone has a safe 4th and I'm off to watch the Tour.