Call me crazy

I know I've been quiet on the blog front. We've been very busy re-doing our office at home. We spend most of our time in this room, it's a large room, as it takes up the whole end of the house and it overlooks the farm, so has a nice view as well. We have it split up sort of in half, his side, my side kind of thing. After 9 years we realized that we weren't making the best use of the space, the middle of the room was basically unused. So we decided to rearrange and get some built in bookshelves installed. Let me tell you, this feels like we're moving. It's been hard work and taken quite a bit of time. We've also had to pack books and move them to another room, yep, just like moving. The good thing is that I'm going to have a knitting corner on my side once this is complete. The installer comes tomorrow, then there will be the cleanup and then I head for Stitches South early Thurs AM. LeAnn is coming with me this year, we're going to have a blast.

I have been spindling more and realized that I really like spinning now. It's amazing how we grow, isn't it? Spinning has encouraged me to learn more about different wools, silks, etc and how they behave. I am growing in a new direction with my fiber craft and I'm really excited about that. This is a far cry from what I said 2-3 years ago when I first took the spinning wheel class at the Fiber Festival and declared that I will NEVER spin. I know I'm eating my words, but back then I just didn't get it. Now I do. So................

I took the plunge. March was my birthday and April is my wedding anniversary and DH asked what I wanted. I finally decided on this.........

The Hansen MiniSpinner, it's electric. It arrived Friday afternoon when I didn't even have time to unpack it. But I did unpack it once back home at 10:30 PM, and then spun on it till after midnight with the free fiber. Saturday I spun the first single from a Mixed BFL from Daily Fibers that was given to me for my birthday from a very dear knit/spinsib. It's a combination of blues and one of my favorite colors. This morning, I spun the second single and now I'm plying. The lazy kate is the Jumbo Katie a-Go-Go. Do you see how small the electric spinner is? OMG, I love it!!!!

My finished plied fiber. I still need to wrap on my Niddy Noddy. These are 8 oz Woolee Winder bobbins, so they'll hold quite a bit of yarn.
Got it done in one weekend. Nuf said!

Edited 4-11-11 to add picture of skein. This is pre-washing and pre-whacking.