Happy 8th Anniversary

I had intended to post an entry on Friday the 23rd as that date is the 8th anniversary of my starting this blog. I had no idea when I started it that I would continue it for so long.  It's been fun. I enjoy going back and reading some of the old posts. It allows me to see what progress my knitting has made in 8 years.  So it's been used sort of like a little diary and while my projects are also on Ravelry, I like posting about them. Not all my projects make it to the blog, but a good majority of them do.  At the end of the year, I print that year's posts to PDF as you never know when Blogger will go away. As so many good cloud programs go away, like Yahoo photos, Google docs and countless more.  So, while I can't protect myself from Blogger going away, at least I can save my posts on pdf so I have them from now on. :-)
This weekend was the Fiber Festival and I have to tell you I have been sick all weekend. It's a crud like I haven't had in forever. It knocked me on my butt!!!! I have been in bed since Friday night, dragged myself to the festival, then after the festival, I crashed in bed until this morning. I'm still not well, but my back and my neck were killing me, so I wanted to get up for a little while. Maybe an hour?? I feel very weak.
So.......Happy Anniversary and the next post will be project driven.

WIPW - Augustine Shawlette

I don't normally get to post on Wednesday but thought I might be able to today and here I am.  This is for Tami's Amis WIP Wednesday and feel free to hop over to her blog and see what everyone else is working on.

I started the Augustine on Mother's Day and so far it's fun. I'm still on the increase part and still on the first ball of yarn. I'm using Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo. I love this yarn and have used it for several baby projects. It's so soft. I don't know how well it will do to maintain it's shape but really this project won't mind. While it looks ribbed for now, once complete, it will have dropped stitches. Similar to the baktus in that you incease until you get halfway through your yarn and then you decrease. I bought the yarn on sale at my LYS and I believe I have 5 balls and each ball is approx. 104 yards.  We'll see how long it appears to be after 2 balls used so I make sure to have enough yardage for the decreases, since we know that no two balls of yarn are the exact yardage.

Reusable Dryer Sheets

I wouldn't say I'm too conscious of being green. I should try harder at it but I keep my eyes and ears open for something that I believe is doable.

As for laundry, I have at most 2-3 loads a week. Sometimes in the summer it can be more because DH gets outside, plays in the dirt and his tractor and we wash those clothes separately. OK, so I'm up to 3-4 loads now, but it's still not much.

I buy Bounce dryer sheets or Snuggly or whatever they are called. I tend to like one flavor and then they up and change it. WHY? WHY? WHY? Then I'm at the grocery smelling the boxes again to see which smell doesn't make my nose sneeze too bad. I like a little bit of smell, just not these awful fragrances they tend to create.  Then I have these dryer sheets that I'm always having to throw away. What a waste.

Then I happened to see a post on this blog. She has all kinds of interesting ideas and quite a few I've done. This one I thought was actually worth repeating.  I did as instructed weekend before last. I picked out 3 cloths that I had knitted a while back and I had quit using because they had lost some of their absorbency.  I soaked them in the undiluted fabric softener, squeezed out the extra and then hung them up to dry. The smell was quite strong at first.

The next day I did a load of laundry, used my new reusable dryer sheet and it worked perfectly. No static, nice smell and clothes were soft.  I used the same cloth on the next load. Perfect.  I'm up to 6-7 loads already with the same cloth. It's still doing fine. Her website says it can go 15-20 times. Maybe. I don't know.

I have tried the felt balls but I find that they don't keep my clothes soft and things like socks stick to them and so they bounce around the dryer with socks attached to them.  I don't find they are as effective with removing static either.  I'm sold on these reusable dryer sheets. Give it a try.

Here's my decorative jar of cloths.

FO Sunday and Kumihimo Loom

I finished the Yoked Cardigan in time for the shower. I didn't have time to knit a pair of booties to go with it, but I'll have ample opportunity to knit more items for the baby girl....Stella.  She's due to arrive sometime around August 1. The shower was a success and she received all kinds of goodies.

Deciding on the buttons was the toughest part on this sweater. After much exhibiting buttons from my stash and polling for opinions, I went to the LYS and looked at some more. I decided on some nice subdued pink ones. I really like them.

While at Stitches in April, we came across a vendor selling Kumihimo Looms. These are pretty cool items that make a decorative cord that can be used for necklaces, friendship bracelets, lanyards, scissor fobs, etc. So in practicing and using the threads that came in the kit, below are my two samples. I bought a couple of other little "kits" and will get those ready next. The Kumihimo is very easy to use and is actually quite mindless. Easy to do while watching tv. One of the kits I bought will be using beads, so that will be fun and they are blue too. :-)  I probably won't do anything with these samples other than look at them, but wanted to show them off.  The loom is made out of material similar to a nice pair of flip flops. It's very sturdy.

Another Yoked Cardigan

This post is for WIPW, but it's difficult for me to post on Wednesday.  I'll see what I can do for next week.

Yep, I'm making another one.  To say that I love this pattern is an understatement. Hannah Fettig is a design genius.  It's a simple pattern but looks gloriously difficult to non-knitters a/k/a gift recipients.  This is my 2nd baby sweater in this pattern and I'm making an adult size for me.  Go check it out. It goes from newborn size to I think 61" in the bust.  I have finished both sleeves since I've taken this picture. I only lack the button band. This is for a baby shower next weekend, so I think I've made good progress and should be ready.  I'll make a quick pair of baby booties too.