May 26, 2006

I've been on vacation this week and I stayed home all week, knitting and quilting. Other than driving in to Nashville one evening to take my brother out to dinner (he's moving to Albany, GA), I was home all week. Hubby is off today too so that he has a 4 day weekend.

I've joined a new Yahoo group, Caps for a Cure. We knit hats for cancer patients and every two months a new donation group is selected. So for two months, we knit caps for a particular treatment center and send the completed caps to them. I've worked on two this week, I've completed one. I also completed two caps for a Preemies group. I'll post completed pics later.

In addition to knitting this week, I finally started Jack's t-shirt quilt of Sunny's t-shirts. I know it's been over a year since she passed away but it brings back so many memories that it is hard to get started too quickly.

Weather wise, we had a very cool May but this past week the heat has turned itself up. We have had some horrible thunderstorms, lots of wind.

We've got a cat now. He has adopted us. He's hung around now for a little over a month. We're hoping that he will get rid of the moles that have just devastated our yard. Even if he doesn't hunt and kill them, we're hoping his presence alone will get them to leave. We've named him Bosefus. Other animals we have.....groundhogs. We like them though. They are fun to watch. We have rabbits too but I don't know for how much longer. Bosefus has already found one of them and killed it.

This is all for today. I've gotta go knit for awhile. (and do some laundry)