Sock on the needles

I started a new sock project Wednesday night. I was having so much trouble casting on, it was very frustrating. After frogging it at least 4 times, I finally managed to salvage a cast on and was able to knit about 2 rows before bedtime. Thursday night I made more progress and it's shown here. I'm using Dancing from Knitpicks and I like it ok, but it wants to curl and twist alot even though I keep letting it dangle to untwist. It's very pretty and I love the colors, we'll see how it wears. You'll see the content of it from the picture. I'm using the Magic Loop method which is my preference for socks. I've used dpn's and they're ok, but I haven't tried the 2 circs method yet. It's on my list to do.


Chele said…
Wow you work with dpns, 2 circulars and the magic loop. Wow keep up th good work. Your socks look wonderful. I love working with circulars (Addis) better than the dpns with worsted or sport weight yarn. I can not get the stitches to slide smoothly. Keep up the good work and continue to share. I enjoy reading the blogs on knitting and crochet.