Update on socks

Wooheeeeee, it's hot!! 96 deg F today (bet 35-36 Celsius)
Other than cutting grass and helping put pea gravel in the barn, I will be staying inside doing laundry and trying to finish at least one sock. I started this sock (cuff down) on the Magic Loop, which I absolutely love, but when it comes to doing the heel, gusset and finishing, I prefer to do that on dpn's. Which works out great for me because then I can start the 2nd sock on the Magic Loop. So the update here is the first sock now on dpn's working on plain stockinette for a couple more inches before I do the toe. Meanwhile, I am working on the cuff for the 2nd sock simultaneously. I rarely have 2nd sock syndrome. :-)


Mandy said…
That is a good looking sock! I have some of that sock yarn now I know what they will look loke knit up!!
LeAnn said…
Hey - I love your sock update! It's coming along nicely. And what a good idea to knit dishcloths for emergency relief! I like to knit them to learn new patterns, but my husband (the king of our kitchen), doesn't like to use them.
Mari said…
Hey! Nice socks!! We're practically twins! It's too bad this yarn has been discontinued because I love it! Good thing I've got more in my stash!