Small projects for the 4th

I decided to start a small project over the 4th and have been having some fun. I absolutely love the Mason-Dixon Knitting book and started a couple of bibs:

I'm almost done with the pink one as well. I haven't decided what kind of button to use yet. Has anyone had any trouble using a bib on a baby with a button? I never had children but it seems that sometimes you wouldn't have two hands to use to be able to button the back of a bib.

I've also been working on some non-knitting old projects, trying to check them off my finish-it-up list. Here's one of them, but obviously I need to drink more wine so that I can get more corks. If anyone wants to contribute some deliciously cool corks to my project, please let me know and I will send you my snail-mail addy.


Carrie Penny said…
It is so funny that you posted that cork project b/c I am calling around to local places that serve a lot of wine and seeing if they will save wine corks for me. I had the same idea!