Ravelry and On the Needles

I received my invitation to Ravelry yesterday and I have signed on with minimal info at the moment. I will add more this weekend. My name on Ravelry is tnknitter.

On the Needles:

I've cast on for my sister-in-law's holiday present, the Crayon Bathrobe from Knitpicks.
This is a picture from the catalog, she also wanted lime green, just like the picture.

Hopefully mine will look as good. I also have more socks on the needles, I joined a sock-a-long at one of the local LYS' and it meets once a month and you get a different sock pattern and they have wonderful sock yarn. I am using Mountain Colors Bearfoot for this first sock, it is like working with butter. I'm also on target to be a sock test knitter again, just waiting for the pattern. I still have my two socks on two needles that I'm almost finished with. They are business socks, dark navy blue in Jawoll Lang. I also have a couple of baby sweaters on the needles.

Otherwise, I have made a couple of kimonos from the Mason-Dixon Knitting book, one in butter color the other in pink. I still have to have a seaming party :-)

That's it for now.


Carrie Penny said…
That is a great gift idea. I am on Rav. My name is carriepenny come and take a look. It is taking me forever to get everything photographed and listed...
Kathy said…
Beware - Ravelry will make the hours disappear faster than anything else!!
I am listed as KathyInIowa. I will snag you as a friend. Lots of great things there!

Love the bathrobe. A great gift idea.

The new sock club sounds like great fun. I have never used that yarn, but we have it at my LYS and it looks scrumptious.

Good luck with your job change. Change is always difficult, but hopefully things will be even better for you .... eventually!