Knitting on the farm :-)

My mother would have cracked up laughing had she seen me yesterday. I lost my mother to cancer over 6 years ago and she never had the opportunity to know how passionate I would become about knitting. My mother was a fabulous knitter and taught me how to knit while I was a little girl, then again as a teenager, but I never did it full time because I couldn't fix errors or pick up dropped stitches. I resorted to crochet because I had one hook and one loop. After she died, I couldn't pick up knitting needles at all and then in late 2004, I picked them up again and I haven't looked back. I am obsessive about knitting now, to the exclusion of all my previous hobbies.

I say all this to get to my point.........yesterday I "helped" pick up rocks around the farm by driving the tractor while DH picked up the rocks and tossed them into the front loader, and yes I had my small project knitting with me, as you can see here. We went from having tornado warnings on Thursday evening to having beautiful weather on Fri, Sat and today as well.
As you can see by this serene scene on my driveway.....

heeeheeee, here I am with my knitting as I drive the tractor!

I'm debating whether I want to drive into Nashville today to the LYS because Cheryl Schaefer is in town. Do I want to drive 60+ miles one way on a day off? mmm, gotta think about that one.
UPDATE: Nope, decided not to leave the peace of the farm.


Kathy said…
Your farm looks beautiful! Opting to stay there rather than driving into Nashville would certainly be my choice too! What a hoot - knitting on a tractor! Bet your mom would get a chuckle. I lost my dad over 20 years ago, yet he is with me every day.
Liana said…
Kathy, thanks for the words about the farm. We both love it here. Considering I drive that drive into Nashville 5 days a week, going in on a weekend has to be something extra special!

I know what you mean about your dad, there's not a moment goes by that I don't miss my mom. She would really be proud of my knitting achievements.
AliBlahBlah said…
What beautiful countryside!! I stumbled on your blog through nablowrimo. I too am an avid knitter, although having a 2-yr old isn't helping my productivity.

Good luck in November - I wonder if the internet really is going to explode?!!
Grandma Barb said…
I want to come to your house - how beautiful!! You missed a fun time tonight, but with the heavy rains and all, I would have worried about you driving back. Laurie didn't make it either - she started out this morning and turned around. Cheryl was wonderful - she is so funny and so interesting. She will be a The Neighborhood Knit Shop tomorrow from 4 to 8.