Around the farm

We had our first real frost here on Nov 2nd. See below picture of the frost. It was absolutely beautiful. Much more contrast than the picture provides.

The Man has been bushhogging so the farm is looking very good and I went on a little hike to get some pictures. The vibrant fall colors really show even though we had a terribly dry summer. I think the weather man said we were short on rainfall by around 16 inches this year. That's huge.

As for knitting, I completed the navy socks, pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks. I had to frog it a little bit on sock #1, and I rarely frog anything, so it delayed me a little bit. Otherwise, I have been working on the holiday gift, baby bibs and I made a snuggly cat bed. Pics to come soon.


Kathy said…
Your farm is beautiful! Fall colors are my it is my favorite time of the year.