Christmas 2007

After a whirlwind year, personally and professionally, DH and I spent 4 days at home over the Christmas holiday. Our cars arrived home from work on Friday night and they haven't moved since and won't move until tomorrow morning to head back into town to work. I love being holed up at home. I did some cleaning, organizing, knitting, and some surfing.

In my attempts at organizing and eliminating, I came across my passport picture from 1965. At that time, my brother and I had a passport together. With the advent of Social Security numbers being issued at birth now, I seriously doubt they would do this anymore. But I love this picture. I remember, quite fondly actually, that my mother was always putting my hair up in a bun. It suited me rather well. :-)) My Dad was in the Army and my mother was French, so we traveled overseas a lot when I was young, hence the need for a passport.

I also opened an early gift on Sunday............a PMC3 HotPot starter kit. You ask, "what on earth is it and what does it do?" PMC3 is a moldable clay that will turn into 99% pure silver once it's fired. In comparison to sterling silver which is only 92.3% silver. The small kiln that comes with the kit uses gelled ethanol for firing and it fires at a low 1290 F.

My favorite sister-in-law and I took a class on silver clay 2 years ago and we each made a bracelet and some earrings. This will be lots of fun to play with and get some new jewelry to boot. (maybe even some knitting charms) These are my results from the class.

I also received 2 Lucy Neatby DVD's. Knitting Essentials 1 and 2. I can't wait to sit on the couch later to knit and watch one of them.

Also received was this new ColdHeat Glue Gun. This is a serious glue gun. I used a little mini crafter glue gun when I worked on my cork bulletin board, so I'm already planning in my head how I want to use this one. :-)

The last thing I received was a Digital Caliper. It measures in both inches and millimeters. I love measuring tools!

One of the items I knit last night was a Tribble. Free Pattern here. This is a scrubbie and a fun quick knit that could accompany a dishcloth set if you were making one as a gift.