Present for me.......watercolor art!

My sister-in-law's hobby is painting. She also uses charcoal but she has been mainly doing watercolor. I think she is going to dabble in oil soon, but meanwhile she has painted two watercolor items for me. The latest one that I received at Thanksgiving is a street scene, which to me looks like it could be somewhere in Europe or maybe even New Orleans.

Pretty cool huh? I'm trying to talk her into establishing her own blog to show her work, so we'll see.


Kathy said…
Lovely! I too hope that she sets up a blog. Would love to see her works. Painting is always something I would love to be able to do - but I have no artistic ability at all!

I signed up with CapsforaCure. I hope the new year will bring more free time for charity knitting. Thanks for telling me about it.

bev said…
hey...i ran across your blog during nablopomo and have enjoyed reading it.

i hope you don't mind that i've tagged you.

i love the painting from your s-i-l...she's very talented.