Reflections on 2007

My thanks for the year:

1. My Man! I love him dearly and cherish his presence. We celebrate 30 years tonight.
2. My family, especially my brother. He has such a generous and giving nature. He gives his time away more than any one person I know. I admire that quality in him and it makes me realize how selfish I am with my own time.
3. My health.
4. Where I own slice of heaven. I love the seclusion, I'm such a hermit.
5. My knitting. Since I have been knitting consistently for the last 4 years, I feel that it has truly grounded me. It has given me more patience than I already had. I love to knit and I am constantly thinking about knitting. What project I'm working on, what project I can work on next, what yarn will I use, etc.

For 2008, I've set a few goals. No deadlines, but goals. I'd like to start a walking regimen (not sure when I'll fit it in my schedule yet) and I'd like to do more charity knitting. I'd like to see my Dad more often, I need to make that effort. I am just so eager to get home after work, that I don't take the time. Then on weekends because of the distance back into Nashville, I stay home. So, I know I need to meet up with him after work, I just need to do it.


Kathy said…
I think it's great to really list all the things for which we are grateful! When it really comes down to it...most of us have so much!

Your goals are so similar to mine....made me smile. 'cept it's time with my mom rather than my dad. I already walk quite a bit...but more and more consistently would be good. The charity knitting is also a goal. I think they are all doable for me...I just have to DO it!

Take care....