Picnic on the back 40 on Tax Day

DH and I are on vacation this week and yesterday was such a beautiful day that we decided to pack a lunch and head up the hills to one of the pasture fields on the back of the farm. We usually take vacation in April because the weather is soooo wonderful, although, had we taken vacation last week, we would have been in the midst of horrible thunderstorms and tornados. This week has been quite different...upper 60's and wonderful sunshine. Anyway, we packed up the 4WD Honda CR-V with our lawn chairs, 2 different knitting projects, magazines, The Book of Yarn and our cameras. The CR-V happens to have a built-in table that serves as the floorboard of the trunk area, so I set that up and got comfy. We had dressed in layers because it was a tad cool and breezy, but we soon shed our sweaters. The view from where we sat ...........
The building on the left is our equipment shed where the tractors sleep at night.
The view is so nice from this spot that we are actually thinking about putting a gazebo up here.
Time passed, I worked on the Clapotis, DH went for a little walk, I basked in the sunshine and 4 hours later (we couldn't believe we had been up there that long) we headed towards the house. We did a tick check because they were plentiful and we actually got a little sunburnt too.


Kathy said…
What a lovely day! Sounds very relaxing and romantic, actually. The photos are very lovely...what are the blooming trees/bushes? They look like our Redbuds. But ours are not in bloom yet. One of my favorite spring trees. I have a small one in our backyard.
LeAnn said…
What a nice relaxing day. Beautiful views. Sunshine. Knitting. Loving husband. What more could a gal want?
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