Clapotis is finished!!!

I started the Clapotis in March 2008 as part of the Nashville Knitting and Crochet Guild KAL. I knit it with Knitpicks Elegance, 70% Baby Alpaca and 30% Silk. It was a dream to knit with and the pattern itself is great and keeps your interest throughout. I loved it. My Wednesday lunchtime knitsibs took pics of my modeling it.

I first modeled it as a doubled wrap scarf for winter time.

Then this is how I wore it to the theater last Friday when we went to see the Music Man. I had remembered last time we were in this theater that it was quite chilly, so I was very happy to tote the Clapotis. Even my husband was enjoying it draped over his arm in the theater.

It is light weight, but warm. I will be making another one of these, they are so much fun!


LeAnn said…
It really does look great. I may be tempted to try one.
Carrie Penny said…
It is super pretty! I love that place in between light and warm. The blue is a great color for it too it really stands out!
Kathy said…
Oh how pretty and practical! One of the ladies in my knitting group just finished one. It's on my "someday" list. sigh..... if only I live long enough...LOL!

(So nice to "see" you too, I might add!) makes me feel like I know you better..... :)