Knitting during my computer hiatus

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been without my laptop and therefore I didn't spend hours upon hours in front of my computer on the weekends, and so spent much more productive time with my needles. I started some projects, worked on others, finished some old ones and have decided I now need to have a seaming party. :-) I usually don't mind seaming but here lately, I haven't been too good about it.

In July and August, LYS Haus of Yarn organized a charity knitting project for Warm Woolies. For every project knit, you received an entry ticket. In August, they drew a ticket for their $50 gift certificate............yup, it was me. Hoooorrrrayyyy. I was terribly excited and immediately put it to work. Their next charity project was Gilda's Club and since I lost my Mom to cancer, I knew I was going to knit some hats.

These are the hats I've finished so far.

This one is knit with Chinchilla. This is Shedir, knit with Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece.
This one is knit with Poof.
On to the projects I've been working on........

Moderne Log Cabin:

From Mason-Dixon's first book. This is knit with Bernat Satin, a very soft acrylic yarn and perfectly machine-washable. No plan to the number of rows knit for each color, I just knit until I got tired of the color and moved on to the next. I then went around all the edges with 6 rows of ecru and the 20-25 rows of the dark blue.

Peace Shawl:

I first saw a sample of this shawl on display at LYS Haus of Yarn in pale yellow. I tried it on and it fit beautifully, I just had to make one. So, I bought the yarn and started and finished this project in about 2 weeks, it was a very fun knit.

It is knit with Brilliance in an off-white color that goes with just about anything. Called the Peace Shawl because of the peace sign on the back that was so popular in the 60's. It gives just enough coverage on the back to eliminate any office air conditioning chills. Instead of a traditional triangular shawl, it is wing-like and is comfortable tying in the front. I feel that it doesn't scream "Look at the girls" as a shrug does to me. It's comfortable, light-weight and looks good.

Triangular Shawl:

This shawl I knit with Noro Kureyon Sock yarn. I have not blocked it yet so I'm not completely done. The colors are absolutely gorgeous. The rows got to be soooo long, I thought they would never end, but thankfully I got to the end of the 2nd skein and finished. The yarn itself is what did the striping.


LeAnn said…
Great job on the shawls, hats and the Log Cabin. I especially like the Shedir hat. I'm working on a felted hat right now. Too bad I never wear them.
Carrie Penny said…
The hats are great, but your shawls are breath taking! I love them!
Carrie Penny said…
Oh and the log cabin, sorry for a another post but holy mackerel that looks great!!!
Kathy said…
Wow! What a great show and tell post! You really have been busy!!!!

Lovely, lovely knits!
Liz said…
I love looking at all of your projects!
Krista said…
Shedir is BEAUTIFUL!! Just found your blog while looking for local fiber farmers - where about in middle tn are you? My husband and I are in Clarksville, and I've really taken to knitting these past few years. Now I'm looking to learn to spin... anyway :) Just wanted to say hi! Great work!
smelk-o-matic said…
Oh man!! I need to see your Kureyon Sock shawl in person.