I recently took an Amigurumi class at my LYS and although I already knew how to crochet, this was a fun class. These lovable Japanese stuffed animals are just adorable. They are typically not made to scale which makes them look that much more adorable. For class I made the Papa penguin.
He ended up being a lot bigger than I had expected, so I then made this one...
isn't he cute??
I made the octopus but decided to make curly legs rather than the stuffed ones they had in the book.
I love the puppy too and I made hin as a gift.
Here's the family. (sorry there is so much clutter in the background) with my newly rebuilt laptop, I lost my photo editing program and haven't reinstalled it yet.
To add to the family, I plan on an elephant, rabbit, hedgehog and a turtle. The baby penguin is also a gift, so I will have to make another one of that.


Carrie Penny said…
I have been working on a penguin just like those since last Christmas. My step son is driving me up the wall b/c he wants me to finish it and give it to him. I love making them though (it is the black that was killing me seeing the stiches). I love the family portrait!