December weather

It's unbelievably windy today.....maybe 40 mph winds and unseasonably warm. I think it's up to 70 degrees today and I'm wearing shorts in the house. How can you knit cold weather goodies when it's that damn hot at the end of December?

The best time to buy calendars for next year? Day after Christmas or later. 50% off yesterday at Borders, can't beat that! Maybe after the first of the year they would be 75% off but I'm happy with my 50%. Even though I'm a Palm Treo gal and I use the calendar, memo and task features ALOT, I still love my calendar book. It's 5 1/2" x 8, moleskin cover and this year I picked a beautiful red. 2 years ago it was purple and I have turned that one into a journal of some of my favorite knitting patterns. Kind of like an altered book of knitting stuff. Here's a sample.

Anyway, in addition to keeping my calendar events, I also keep a running list of knitting projects on the needles (does it help keep me focused?) and projects I would like to make. It never fails that I will think of something I'd like to make and if I don't jot it down, I will forget. I re-look at the list of future projects and sometimes decide that I don't want to make something or it reminds me that I need to cast-on because I've since purchased the yarn. In 2009, I will add a list to my Palm Treo that will include some of my favorite projects that I would like to knit again, the yarn type and how much to buy. It never fails that I'm at the LYS and I see some luscious yarn that I think would be perfect for a project that I'd like to make but my pattern is at home and I don't know how much to buy or if it's even the right weight. So, the list in my Treo (which I always have with me) would be very handy.

In 2009, I will turn 50. What a milestone. I'm actually looking forward to it although I find it strange that I'm nearly that age. Where has the time flown? I heard a statement the other day and I liked it. "Time flies and I'm the pilot." In 2009 I will try to be more cognizant of where my time flies. I know a lot of my time is used up in my daily commute (3 hours per day) but I can't really do a whole lot about that unless I move back to the city and I won't be doing that either. Otherwise, where does my time fly?


LeAnn said…
I was so glad to see the cold front come in last night. But still - it's 47 degrees right now! Not cold enough for the end of December!
Jackie said…
I love the little glimpses of your calendar!

You know, I need to be more cognizant of my time too! Less time just surfing on the computer this year should give me more time to put into something that I'll see results from!

Happy New Year!