Goodbye 2008

2008.........Overall it was a good year.
  • I searched for and found a new job earlier in the year and it's been great. Mainly because I can be a worker bee and not have to keep track of billable hours at the law firm. That has been the biggest relief off of my shoulders.
  • I've been knitting on Thursday evenings at my LYS and have made friends with some great new knitsibs.
  • The Wednesday lunch knitting group has grown to 7 people and it's a good break for an hour in the middle of the week. We all seem to look forward to it. Dunn's enjoys having us so much that they set aside the comfortable Dylan room for us. (I have to find one of those knitting chairs for my house, it's extremely comfortable to knit in.)
  • We have purchased some new exercise equipment for the house and they have been pretty easy to use and therefore, should be able to stay on some type of exercise schedule.
  • Other than being overweight, I seem to be in pretty good health.
  • A new president was elected, although not my candidate of choice.
  • We enjoyed a great season of plays at the Renaissance.
  • I gave my belle-soeur (french for sister-in-law) her knitted bathrobe and the Noro shawl.
  • Took a Beginning Spinning Class. (I won't be picking this up as a hobby)
  • Listened to some great books on CD which have truly made my daily commute much easier to bear.
  • Began teaching a neighbor to knit.
  • Began teaching a co-worker to crochet.
  • I have lots of finished knitting projects that I'm happy about for the year.
  • I have a good list of projects for 2009 that I'm excited about.

Whew............Hello 2009 and welcome.


LeAnn said…
Happy New Year, girlfriend! I'm looking forward to settling into some regular sit-n-knit time with you and catching up.
Carrie Penny said…
Sounds like a great new year to come and a wonderful year you just had!
Kathy... said…
It's really a good thing to take stock of your accomplishments over the year like that. Thanks for reminding me! Everyone talks about how bad 2008 has been, but when you actually list your personal achievements -- it's a whole new perspective!