Shrug for Gracie

As I was surfing Ravelry one lazy weekend, I came across the Confection Baby Shrug and decided I just had to make it. It was suuuuper easy and looks really cute on Gracie. Picture yet to come of the model. I made mine from Berocco Comfort so it was easily washable. It took a little longer to make than I had expected but it wasn't bad and it's adorable.

I'm still working on my Best Friend's Jacket from the book The Knit Stitch. For the very first time, I had a Knitpicks cable come loose from the needle so I have to return that one. It stalled my progress on the jacket for just a little bit until I could get another cable hooked to the needle.

For Christmas this year we bought some new exercise machines for our aerobics room (aka living room). We had had our treadmill for 15-16 years and it had petered out so we decided to replace it and our old stationary bike with a new elliptical machine and a recumbent bike. Both of them are so much quieter than our old machines it's unbelievable. They were delivered this past Friday and we got on them yesterday for the first time. They're great!! So my DH and I have an exercise plan put together, one that is not so horrendous that we can't stick to I think, but one that will get us a little more heart healthy. I plan on 30 minutes @ 3 times a week, maybe a little extra on the weekends. We'll see. (I perspire as I think about all the yarn I could have purchased instead)

Both of them together in this picture:

DH putting the final touches on the bike:

The Elliptical:


Kathy said…
Great looking shrug! Comfort is a very soft yarn too - should be just perfect for Gracie!

Great looking exercise equipment. We need something similar. DH works out at the fitness center at the hospital, but me.... well, I am stuck inside now that it's cold out. I can't take the baby out on cold walks. That's the only downside of babysitting him all the time.
LeAnn said…
Hey! I'll bet you can knit while you're on that recumbent bike. Might be on to a new marketing ploy.