First post for 2009

It's already the 20th of January and I am finally posting for the new year. So far, it has been a very cold January, at least for middle Tennessee. We have had some snow flurries, nothing of any substance, but it's fun to see. If you look at the historical statistics for mid-Tenn, our average snowfall is 9 inches. We haven't even been close to that in years.....years I say! The average high in the last week has been in the 30's. That's pretty cold for us and I have been frantically working on the Best Friend's Jacket so I can wear that warm wooly sweater. I am almost there. I have a couple inches left to go on the body, then all I have left is the sleeve. I think I may add a collar of some kind, although the pattern doesn't call for it.

Other than the jacket mentioned above, I have been knitting the following:
Garter Toes socks. I started and finished these and I love them. I will be making more of these. This pair I knit with Sheep Shop Yarn Company, Sheep Number Three. Knit with US 5 and knit 2 at once so that I could knit from the same wound ball. Garter Toes are knit toe up and since my right leg is bigger due to a bone graft, I made the right toe red so that I wouldn't have to guess which sock is for the bigger leg. (I have to make the upper part of the sock bigger to accomodate)

Mittens. I want to felt them, but only a little. I started them yesterday while sitting at the tire shop getting my tires rotated, balanced and aligned. Yarn is Lion Brand Felting wool. I knit them with US 8 and used the pattern from The Knitting Needle (purchased at Patternworks)
I only lack the thumbs and I'll finish them today.

Springy Koigu scarf. This one is crocheted. Lots of fun, lots of crochet. :-)

I taught a co-worker to embroider on paper (cardstock). So far she loves it.

The urge to sew has come alive again. Mainly because I need some new slacks for work, and store-bought slacks just don't fit me. I don't know why clothing manufacturers think that if you have a big butt you must have a big waist to go with it. So it never fails, that if I buy slacks to fit my butt, the waist is HUGE. It's not even alterable. So I have to make them. Anyway, I had to clean my sewing room (for some reason it has knitting stuff everywhere). In my cleaning, I uncovered one of my favorite items that I made several years ago for my sewing room, this pincushion. The cup itself is glued to the saucer so it's great to hold a few things, I even have a pair of small scissors in the saucer.

I may need to make one for my friend to use for her paper embroidery. She loves yellow, so I will be on the lookout for a vintage yellow teacup.
Here are some samples of paper embroidery that I have done.

There's one I did for Valentine's Day which is wonderful too but I don't have it scanned.


Kathy... said…
The teacup pin cushion is just adorable. Paper embroidery?? Where have I been? I have never even heard of this before. Is it a new craft??? or do I just live under a rock??