More Pictures wanted

Do you remember that Saturday Night Live episode with Christopher Walken where he was directing a music video and he kept saying Cut! because he wanted and needed more cowbell? (Tried to find a link on YouTube, but couldn't find one.) It was priceless and hilarious.

Well, a non-knitter friend of mine who religiously reads my blog recently told me that I needed more pictures. She loves looking at my blog primarily for the pictures. When she was telling me this, it reminded me of the "need more cowbell" episode and it just made me smile, so I had to blog about it, cause I know she'll see it and I wanted her to know that I listened and I've heard her pleas for more pictures. :-)

You may wonder why I haven't blogged in a while. It may be because I have been busy, or it may be because the very rural area where I live does not have DSL available. What that means to you city folks is that uploading photos or even adding text to a blog "eats up all the damn bandwidth" as my DH likes to quote. Granted, he is telling the truth but when am I supposed to blog and keep my journal up to date except on weekends when he's using the bandwidth too?