Happy Mother's Day Mom

I still miss you very much. Every time I pick up my knitting needles, I feel your presence in them. I smile every time I start a new project, the kind of project that I know you would be proud of me for undertaking. You would be proud of the progress I've made in my knitting and I cherish the thought that you and I are actually knitting together while I'm at stitch nights in a small group of friends or together while I sit on the couch knitting at home. Thanks Mom for passing along your natural ability to me.

I remember very fondly that Mother's Day weekend when we met in Chattanooga. I drove up from Atlanta and you drove from Nashville. We met there for a nature photography seminar which was held at a reserve for injured animals. The first "episode" we encountered was the hotel had "misplaced" our reservation for a non-smoking room. We decided not to stay there and went further into town and stayed nearer the artsy part of town. We stayed by the pool most of the day Friday and then early Saturday morning started our seminar. We had such laughs and some intense moments like when we first saw a red-headed vulture up close. OMG, who knew they were that big!!!!!! The Sunday, Mother's Day, I took you to a restaurant by the river, it was packed because of Mother's Day and we were standing for a while and you kept saying, no we should leave and go somewhere else and I insisted we stay..........then you saw Michael. He had driven down from Clarksville that day just to eat lunch with you and it was such a surprise!!!! Oh yeah, I forgot, I also lost my wallet that weekend and you ended up having to foot the bill for everything. Good ending to that episode though, when I got back to Georgia, the sheriff had left a note on my back door asking me to get in touch. Who ever had found my wallet in Chattanooga, had contacted the local authority who then had contacted my local sheriff, and I made contact with the young man and he returned my wallet with everything still in it, cash and all, every bit of it. Yes, I had already cancelled my credit cards, but can you imagine???? Yes, there are still good people in this world. Anyway, all this to say Mom, I miss you very much and I still think of you every day.

your sunshine.........


Kathy... said…
Such a nice post..... you're correct, your mom would be proud of you.