What have I been up to in the knitting world??? Stitches South is one! The long weekend of April 23-26 was spent with great knitsibs, Chris and Martha, in Atlanta. We left early Thursday morn (left my house at 4:45 AM) and arrived in Atlanta in plenty of time to check in to the hotel, get registered at Stitches and still have time for lunch before our first class on Thursday. Thursday evening, the market opened to registered students only. It was great, overwhelming, beautiful, overwhelming, lots of vendors of yarns and roving and wonderful accessories, and did I mention overwhelming??? Martha and I spent Thursday eve just going up and down each aisle, in anticipation of what we might purchase on Friday when we returned to the market. Chris on the other hand, already knew some items she wanted and went immediately to those vendors. Chris has already blogged about some of our adventures, if you'd like to hop over there..... She has even blogged about our yarn shop crawl on Saturday. We stayed away from the Stitches Market on Saturday with good reason. Open to the public day, ouch!
I will post pics of some of my purchases, but meanwhile, I am posting some items that I have either finished knitting or am in the process.

Fingerless Mitts: I find that they are used more in the spring and summer when the office has gotten so cold because of the air conditioning. My co-workers always want to borrow mine, and they are the wrong color, so I made her a pair of her own to go with her red sweater that never leaves her shoulders in the spring and summer while at the office.

The bank is consolidating some of it's functions into one location and therefore a co-worker lost her job. She loves bunnies, so I made her this little cutie.

My garter-toes socks. I love this pattern!

This was an interesting pattern.

It started out like this:

Then you fold it together, end to end, and you seam it.

and you end up with these: very comfy footies that I made with Cotton for summer.

I've also been working on a Baby Bunny Toddler Dress. Baby Bunny is wonderful yarn to work with, it feels so wonderful, like knitting with butter.

Although I'm knitting to gauge, it's turning out a little bigger than I had anticipated. It was meant for an 18M old, but I believe she will have to grow into it.
I've also cast on for a shrug for me, a very lacy lightweight shrug. Now I don't normally go for a shrug because they typically scream "look at the girls" and I don't need anymore attention there, but I tried on the LYS store sample and it was lovely, even on me. So I purchased GGH Soft Kid at half price (even better) and cast on. The pattern is relatively easy to remember and it's usually not bad as a visiting knitting, although you do have to pay attention, yarn-overs and K2G's and all that. Well, as you have deduced, I made an error and it went into time-out until i could tink it in peace and quiet. I have now tinked and will resume the knitting. But here it is as it stands now:

I've also cast on for a couple of summer tops for me. I will post about them separately.


Jackie said…
You've been BUSY! Would love to see your shrug when it's done. Your visit to Stitches South sounds fantastic as does the yarn crawl. I missed it this year but hoping to be there next year!
Kathy... said…
Great projects! I am totally jealous about your Stitches South experience. Lucky you!!!

Will be looking forward to the finished shrug and tops. You've been very busy of late......
Liz Bracken said…
Hi Liana! Back home in Lincoln and I'm already looking forward to finding some quiet time to re-do my Fiendishly Difficult Stitches swatch. I'm glad I took a picture of our instructor's. Mine is just laughable! I've already signed up for Stitches Midwest and can't wait until September. It was nice to be able to sit and knit with you in class.
Anonymous said…
I would LOVE to know how I could get hold of the slipper pattern. I just LOVE IT and it would make GREAT Christmas gifts for my family!