Legendary Nashville Songwriter

You can see songwriter Billy Arr perform locally on piano here with a little backup singing too. The song: "A Night With Me" was written by Billy Arr and published by- Binoco Music BMI

Did I mention Billy Arr was my Dad? Yep, that's why we moved to Nashville in 1970 when I was a mere child of 11 1/2 years old. My dad has stayed true to his craft in the nearly 40 years of living in Music City. I respect his perseverance in this mighty tough industry. As much as the media touts the overnight successes, they don't show you all the hard work and years of playing in dives and playing on the road that so many musicians and writers have to endure, so my hat is off to all of you that have endured that life. My Dad has written many beautiful songs, many of which have never been recorded and heard on mainstream media, but they are forever embedded in my brain and in my heart. I love you Dad and you are still my favorite singer. Keep on writing.

Here are some "old" pictures of him in action. I'm sure he'll appreciate me putting these up on the internet.

This one is from the late 60's, a band he had while we lived in Topeka, KS. His baby brother, my Uncle Jack, was also in the band.


michaelr said…
Liana, you are incredible. Very good stuff you are doing on your knitting, the little toys. WOW!
Sure am glad to have you as a sister.
Love you Michael
Carole said…
Love it!