Still spindle spinning

I will have to freely admit to my spinning enablers out there that I have been enjoying my spinning. June has been a horrible month at work, too many hours and add to that my long commute, makes for a very long day. More to the point, I was actually too tired to knit several evenings. I didn't want to think about a pattern at all. I got out the spindle and some fiber I purchased at the Dickson Fiber Festival and did this.

It has actually been quite relaxing, I know that's contrary to what I said a year ago, but I have grown to like it. Had I been smart, I would have practiced with the spindle before I took the wheel class, that way I would have had the drafting concept down. Strong recommendation to any of you who are contemplating spinning.

As for knitting, I am still working on the Ty Dy Cardigan, knit with Delicious. I'm also working on a Kicking Bag, it's a free pattern on Ravelry. Here is one from Ravelry, compliments of SarkaFarka:

The bag is knit a little narrow I think, so I will add some increases to make it a little wider so that their legs won't seem so confined. I'm knitting it in Sirdar Bamboo Baby.


Jackie said…
I have a friend who is an excellent spinner and she says the same thing about learning to work with a spindle first!
Kathy... said…
I sure am glad that I listened to your advice and practiced with the spindle before I tackled the wheel. I think it really helped me greatly! So....thank you!!

I think the spinning bug has bitten us both.....

Love the kicking bag. Really a cute idea, and would make a very nice new baby gift.
cindybmw2004 said…
I will not be enabled to learn spinning. LOL Looks like it came out good though from what I have seen of others! :) I loved your little needled bunny though. Have you done anymore?