Life without Television

Our television went on the fritz while I was in Jacksonville. Now, that is not a huge traumatic event in my little household as we really don't watch that much tv, at least not "series" watching. The only things we continually watch (record, actually because we never watch anything live) is Masterpiece Theatre on public tv, House, M.D. on Fox, Burn Notice on USA and I like to watch The Office on NBC. In addition to these series, we will watch quite a bit on TCM because we like those old movies.

These past two weeks have reminded me of the years when DH was in school. Instead of studying for a test, we would play chess or chinese checkers or something similar. We didn't have a tv when he was in school either, so this has been quite reminiscent. We have spent quite a bit of time together, actually eating dinner at the dinner table, playing Mastermind and Colorku (a colored marble version of Sudoku), lots of fun.

What I have come to realize is that I have not been getting much knitting done. So I guess I do most of my knitting while we sit on the couch watching tv. So if I'm not watching tv, I guess I don't knit much. Now there will be times when I would sit on the couch listening to a book on my mp3 player, but that was in lieu of watching tv. Now that there has not been one, we've been spending more time together. It has been great!! All that to say, the fall season is ready to start and we decided it was time to get serious about buying a tv. We have decided on the Samsung 58" Plasma. It sounds big, but we are dropping down from a 64" Sony behemoth. At least the Samsung is flat screen. I assume we'll have it in the next week or two and maybe then I can get back to some serious knitting.

I have been updating Ravelry with some stash photos. My internet line is not conducive to uploading photos on Ravelry so I will probaby not continue that endeavor. I will continue just to keep stash photos on my hard drive and my stash list in Excel. I am almost done with the Capelet in Nashua Handknits though, it will be very nice. Photos will come later.

I have been thinking of holiday knitting. I'd like to make a few things but I'm not sure for whom at the moment. On to my planner so I can think this through.

à toute à l'heure!


Jackie said…
I think it's wonderful that you and your DH are rediscovering the things you used to do years ago!
Kathy... said…
We don't watch much tv either, but I would miss the news. Course, it oftentimes is more depressing than not. :( DH reads most evenings, (that is before he falls asleep) and I knit. Life is good at our house, even if s l o w !! :)