Vacationing in Oktober

I love to take vacation in mid-October. The weather is usually gorgeous, beautiful blue skies and 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit. This week is no exception. After a nasty rainy week last week, by Saturday the weather was wonderful, albeit a little cool.

After 2 painful cortisone shots on Friday, by Saturday afternoon I was feeling much better and decided to take a little jaunt outside with camera in hand.

I plan on going on a little longer walk today since my knees are feeling much better.

On the knitting front, I finished the Feather and Fan scarf in the luscious Lisa Souza bombyx silk. Everyone wants to touch it because it's so soft. It feels glorious around my neck too. I have been working on some baby items since there are 2 preggo's on my team at work. I finished the kicking sack in Magic Stripes and I made a bib in stockinette stitch with Hobby Lobby's I Love This Cotton. I'll have to say for cotton yarn, this is one of the SOFTEST cotton that I have ever knit with. It's fabulous! It's my new favorite cotton yarn.

I am also working on a baby blanket in the Feather and Fan pattern and it's looking beautiful so far.
On my list of things for me, a mini-shawl/kerchief made from a beautiful royal blue in Koigu...pattern will be 198 Yards of Heaven (found in Ravelry) and some socks, fingerless gloves and the Thorpe ear-flap hat.


Jackie said…
We're going on vacation in the Smokey's next month. We've been vacationing in early November for a couple of years and it's really nice to see some fall color and get away from the heat. I hope you're feeling better!
Kathy... said…
We also enjoy autumn vacations. Course, up here you always run the risk or an early storm and ice/snow covered roads. So, we rarely plan much later than early October.

I am happy to hear that your knees are feeling a tad better. Hope relief is long lasting. Good luck!