October knitting and Halloween

Halloween: I do live in the country but I do have some neighbors nearby, although I don't know how many kids live around here. I'm not usually home in time for trick or treaters but this year since it was on Saturday, I thought there was a remote possibility that I could have them. So, as I was grocery shopping yesterday morning, I bought some candy. Well, we had absolutely no trick-or-treaters, not nary a one. Note to self, don't buy any candy next year and yep, you';ll probably have them. It's like deciding not to take an umbrella and you can bet on it, it'll rain.

Obviously vacation is over but it was a glorious week. Of course by the time I have rested and actually realize, hey I'm on vacation and then actually feel like doing something productive, it's Friday and I only have 3 days left. So I tried to be somewhat productive those remaining days.

I had finished knitting the "straight" part of the Kid Merino Easy Lacy Shrug quite a while back. Before I could seam and knit the frilly part, I had to block it and I had put that off. So, I rinsed and blocked, seamed it and then finished the frilly part this past Thursday. It is a very versatile shrug and I love it. It can be used as a scarf or a shrug. I knit mine with one strand of GGH Soft Kid on size US 10.75 needles. I bought the yarn half price at Haus of Yarn and it was a great purchase. I cast on for it on April 3 and unfortunately I don't remember when I finished the straight part. Since I'm not a monogamous knitter, I think I may have finished that part late summer, but really don't keep track of the true knitting hours. Mine doesn't fit quite as loosely as the pattern picture reflects but at least it doesn't scream look at the girls as most shrugs do. I also finished the Capelet and it is wonderfully warm. Our winters in Nashville aren't too harsh and this will be a perfect late fall/early winter coverup. It is knit with Nashua Handknits Creative Focus Chunky in a beautiful red.

I started a pair of handwarmers to go with the Capelet. I'm using the tabbed cuffs pattern from Mother-Daughter knits (the Melville team) I decided to make them in black to go with the black button I got for the capelet. I'm using Berroco Pure Merino on size US 8. What a fun pattern and I will need to find some cute buttons for this as well (looks like the picture shows 12).

More to come.......................


Jackie said…
I'm glad you enjoyed the vacation!

The shrug is gorgeous!
Kathy... said…
VERY pretty! and oh so feminine looking! Great job.

We also had more candy than kids this Halloween. I made hubby take it to work the next day, otherwise you know who would have eaten it all (and I don't mean Sofee!)
Carrie Penny said…
PERTTY! CAN I PET IT! COME ON PLEASE!!! I HAVE BEEN GOOD! I didn't have any Trick or Treaters either, and I live in the city!