Not holiday knitting

I haven't knit one thing for the holidays. I'm getting through 2 Baby showers within less than a month. I knit 2 baby blankets, a rare thing for me, and they both turned out beautifully. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of one before I gifted it, it was an ivory colored feather and fan pattern for a sweet baby girl. The next one, finished last night, is for a little boy due in another couple of weeks, and it's a simple ripple pattern. Picture below.

The other item made for the shower is the Baby J Cardigan by Cabin Fever. This adorable sweater is knit with, hmmm, I've misplaced the label, the buttonholes are made on each side and that way you can knit ahead of time and then add the buttons once you know the sex of the child. It was well received.
These are the cupcakes that were at the baby shower. I thought they were adorable. The punch was absolutely delicious. Hawaiian punch berry, with sprite and lemon sherbet. We also made an ice block with a teething ring in the middle of it.


Kathy... said…
Oh....what adorable baby shower decorations! The cupcakes look scrumptious! Your knits are beautiful too. Holiday knitting or've been busy!

Have a nice Holiday season, if I don't "talk" to you again before then. Take care!
Jackie said…
You've been busy!

I'm not knitting much for the holidays. 2 Noro Scarves; one of which has been finished for some time and the other just has a couple of hours of knitting left.

Happy Holiday!