First post for 2010

aaaaaahhhhhhh, I sure enjoy 3 day weekends. Alas, they do come to an end, but I enjoy them while I have them. This one has been great. It's been very cold for us, 15-20 degrees all weekend and this will continue through to next weekend. DH gets outside with about 4 layers on and he's toasty. Of course, he's wearing the Thorpe hat I made for him last year. :-) Myself? I am inside taking care of some accounting/banking personal financial stuff, updating Ravelry with projects, casting on for new projects and trying to finish up some old ones.

I started the Best Friend's Jacket....maybe late 2008 or early 2009, and have decided to finish it now so that I can wear it during this cold spell. I lack approx 2 inches on the last sleeve. Then it's a matter of seaming, adding a little collar to it and adding the buttons. I probably should block it too........maybe. This pattern is from the book, The Knit Stitch by Sally Melville

Saturday I cast on for the potato chip scarf. So called because supposedly you can't make just one. It is fun, I must say. A very easy pattern and one I received free for buying this particular yarn (can't find the label) at Betsy's Barn Garden and Yarn in Clarksville.

I also cast on for the Garter Yoke Baby Cardigan (RAV link) in Plymouth yarn Jelli Beenz.

Also on the needles is the Comfy Cape. Pattern available on Ravelry for a small price. I'm knitting it with a smaller gauge yarn and I'm still debating whether it will work or not.

This is a copy of the picture from Ravelry and I'm knitting it with Ella Rae Silkience.

The other project on the needles is a small shawl, more like a kerchief, Ishbel from Ysolda Teague. I'm knitting with Koigu PPPM in a gorgeous Blue.

Saturday night, DH and I played some games rather than watching TV. The first game we played was Dix Mille. This is a french dice game, played with 6 dice. As any dice game, it is a game of luck and risk as well. Scoring normally goes to 10,000 points, but before you faint, you can get to that number fairly quickly.

Here are the basic rules and scoring techniques:

Start out with 6 dice. In order to start scoring and get on the board, you must score at least 500 points. After your initial 500 points, you can stop rolling anytime and add your points to your total score. This will mean more to you shortly. If all 6 dice end up "adding points", then you can roll them all again and continue adding points until your turn ends. I differentiate between adding points and scoring because if you keep rolling and the next roll doesn't bring any points, then you lose all the points that you've accumulated for that turn.

Example: roll all 6 dice and you roll 1,1,2,3,4,6. You would hold out the two 1's and roll the remaining 4 dice. Next throw you roll, 2,4,5,6. You would hold out the 5 and roll the remaining 3 dice. So far, you have 250 pts. Next throw you roll, 2,3,6. You get no points and you lose all the points from the previous rolls. You must roll at least a 1 or a 5 to continue rolling and continue your turn.


++ 1,2,3,4,5,6 in one throw - scores 3000 points (and because you used all 6 dice, your turn continues so roll all 6 dice again)

++ 3 pairs in one throw - scores 1500 points (and because you used all 6 dice, your turn continues so roll all 6 dice again)

++ 3 of a kind in one throw - 3 1's= 1000 pts. All other numbers are the face value of the number times 100. 2's = 200 pts, 3's = 300 pts, etc.

++ 1 individually = 100 pts

++ 5 individually = 50 pts

++ 6 of a kind - wins the game outright.

++ If you roll four or more 2's in one throw- it cancels a players entire score for that turn.

++ If you have 5 dice that count as scoring, with one die remaining, you can choose to stop rolling and score your points, or you can take a "risk". If you attempt to roll that last die, you have 2 tries. You cannot change your mind once you throw the die the first time. If you get a 1 or a 5 and your turn continues, you will also get a 500 pt bonus. If your turn continues and you have that last remaining die again, and you throw it and get a 1 or a 5 the second time, you get 1000 bonus points, this will continue as long as that turn is continuing. However, if you take the risk and you don't get a scoring number either time, then you lose all the points that you haved accumulated.

This is great mindless fun. I suggest you try it sometime. I've also placed the link for this game, there are several sites that have it now. I've played this since I was a little girl and my brother and I would play with our Mom.


Jackie said…
You have been knitting up a storm!

It's been pretty cold here too but not as cold as you. It's not yet 9pm here and 37. Cold for us!
LeAnn said…
I love that yarn for the potato chip scarf. It reminds me of the Mini Mochi you're using on that 10-stitch baby blanket.
LeAnn said…
That scarf is even prettier live. I'm thinking that I might need one.