a white Saturday and a new model

I posted last night about our snowstorm. It snowed all night and was still snowing this morning. We didn't get the 7-9 inches they predicted but we probably have a good 4 inches. Here's a pic from the front door:
and from the back door:
I bought a woman. A head bust to be exact. from ebay. I've contemplated naming her for a little while now and I think I finally have something I like. How do you people do it who have kids and have to come up with names? This was hard! Anyway, I've named her Adeline. No real reason other than it flows coming from my mouth, the keys are easy to find on the keyboard, and I like the name. I need to get a wig for her, but if I keep hats on her, she's ok. Speaking of which, I made the Amanda Hat (rav link). This is a fabulous pattern and I knit it with Malabrigo Twist on size US9. It was a fun knit and the pattern stitch is easy yet very interesting.

The next item finished was the WhamBam Cowl (free rav link). This is knit with Misti Alpaca Chunky on US13. This yarn is so gloriously soft, I could take a bath in it.

Last item is the Darkside Cowl (free rav link). This was fun and interesting, although probably will not make this one again. This is knit with Malabrigo worsted on size US9.

On the needles now is another WhamBam cowl and I will be starting the Tuesday Night cowl very soon.


LeAnn said…
Adeline looks fine in her new finery.
Jackie said…
Adeline is one of the prettier head models that I've seen. Nice knitting!
Kathy... said…
Adeline is loverly!! :) Much prettier than my Styrofoam model, but it's our little secret. shhhhh.....

The cowls are quite nice too, and sounds like you needed them. We're in the middle of another snow storm today. Will this winter never end....???
Carrie Penny said…
Nice new lovelies! I would love to have just half the snow that you guys are getting!