It's been awhile and I've been neglectful....

So I ask myself....what the heck have I been doing to have been so long in posting? Have I been busy on Ravelry? (No, other than surfing it) Have I been busy at home? (not too much) Have I been traveling? (Yes, I went to Stitches South) Have I been busy at work? (no, not too much) Sounds like I've just been lazy on the computer and have spent more time knitting.

For the most part this is true.
**January, we saw a lot of snow in Middle Tennessee, 3 weekends in a row of a lot of inches is a lot of snow for us. Most we had seen in a long time.

**February came and went, nothing important because I can't even remember it occurring.

**March ..... I had gel injections put into both knees. Seems to have helped. I have to be careful not to overdo it though.

**April - aaaah, Stitches South. It was fabulous! I made the trek alone this year, no knitsibs with me. I still had fun though and made new friends. 2 new friends from Colorado Springs that were just wonderful and very inspirational. Hope to meet up with them again. The classes were all great. Also, met some co-workers for dinner and an ex-co-worker for dinner on Friday. I hadn't seen her in probably 10 years, so it was a long time. Kathryn, it was great to see you!
I came home with some good purchases from Stitches. Not too much, not too little, just the right amount! I'll post pics of my new additions later.

**May has started out quite ferocious. We had rain begin early Saturday morning on May 1. It rained solid all day Sat and Sunday, no breaks. We lost power and lost running water. Our creek turned into a raging river. Could not cross the bridge that the county maintains and frankly, no one was going anywhere because we have lots of creeks and rivers in mid Tenn because of all the hills and roads were flooding. Since we had no power we couldn't know what was going on in Nashville and the surrounding counties. When power finally resumed on Monday (still no running water) we were able to see the devastation in the area.
I-40 flooded. I-24 flooded. Big tractor-trailer rigs were under water, cars were floating on the interstate. It was completely flooded. The pictures were horrific. Opryland Hotel, Grand Ole Opry, Opry Mills...all under water. The devastation is catastrophic. Homes, all the homes under water in areas that are not categorized as flood plain and therefore those poor people have no flood insurance. Downtown Nashville has the Cumberland River flowing through it. Flood level is 40 feet. The river crested at 51.93. Yes, you get the picture. Downtown Nashville around the river, Broadway, 1st and 2nd avenues, Country Music Hall of Fame, the new symphony center, many restaurants and businesses, under water. If you want to see pictures, you can google flooding in Nashville or you can go to our local NBC channel, any many others.
My creek (er, raging river) was nothing in comparison. I am very fortunate. We built our house up on a hill so we had no fear of the water reaching the house.
As for the running water, we ended up heading into the nearest town and stayed at a motel until Thursday night. Water finally came back on Friday, although it was very brown and very gritty. By tonight, it is much better although still a little smelly. But I have a house, I have my family and we're safe.

As for knitting, I have several projects on the needles and some completed items as well.
I finally started a EZ Baby Surprise Jacket. I am knitting with US 5's with Katia Bombay in blues. What a fun pattern. Started a new pair of socks with Panda Silk in lt blue. Have finished knitting the Comfy Cape but I need to weave in the ends and block it. Will post pics later.

Hope all of you had a very Happy Mother's Day.


Carrie Penny said…
I am really glad that you posted! I was about to send you an email to see how you guys were doing with all of the flooding, but I didn't want to flood your inbox with emails if things weren't going so well. I am glad that you were okay, my dad is living southeast of Nashville, so they got some minor flooding, but nothing to really speak of in comparison.
Kathy... said…
Good to hear from you! I also have been thinking about you - with the recent floods in the news. You have the distinct honor of being the only person in your entire state that I know. get all my Tennessee worries! Glad to hear you are doing ok. And yes - you need to blog more! LOL.... I think of stopping at times, but keep on plugging away....
Jackie said…
I'm so glad to hear that you're safe with all the flooding.

It was great to briefly meet at Stitches. I've been so busy since I've been home that I haven't had a chance to send you an email. Stay safe.