Italian Ice in the Summer

Summertime is the perfect time to have Italian Ice. If you've never gotten some from a street vendor in town or at a fair of some kind, you need to try it. This is not a snowcone nor shaved ice folks. This is smooth like ice cream, but it's fat free. It's not calorie free, but it is fat-free. They will usually come in flavors like lemon, lemon-lime, raspberry, blueberry-raspberry, mango, and many, many others. I found a free recipe on line using jello and I'm trying it this weekend. I've put my timer on 30 minutes and I go and stir it every 30 minutes. I probably don't have to do this, but I'm stirring it as if you would stir homemade ice cream. I'm making cherry this weekend so it's going to be pretty sweet, but I'll look for something lemony and try that next weekend.

This is after about 2.5 hours

You can see it's icing up nicely but it's still smooth.

Here is the basic recipe:
1 small box Jello (4 serving size), any flavor
1 pkg unsweetened Kool-Aid, same flavor as Jello
1 cup sugar (I will use less than this next time)
2 cups boiling water
2 cups cold water

In large bowl, mix Jello, Kool-Aid, sugar and boiling water. I stirred them individually so they didn't clump, but you do to suit yourself. Stir until dissolved. Add cold water. The recipe calls to place them in individual serving paper cups, but I've just kept it in the stainless stell mixing bowl so that I can stir them. I'll dip the serving directly from the bowl.

While this is freezing, I am working on my stash. Taking pictures of it and logging it in my Excel spreadsheet. It's a long process and every time I see a skein I haven't seen in a while, I ooh and aah and dream about what I can knit with it and then I go to Ravelry and start searching projects. As if I didn't already have enough projects on my needles. I am then placing them in ziploc bags and placing them in my hobby closet. Trying to become more organized is an arduous task.


This is now frozen and ready to eat. About an hour after the post above, I stirred the frozen concoction again and decided to go ahead and put some in two individual cups for serving. The remainder of the concoction I kept in the freezer. You can see the shiny glaze on top which happened after I stirred it again. I took a bite from the bigger container still in the freezer........YUMMMMMMMYYYYYY. It is a little too frozen for eating with a spoon, unlike the ones you get at a vendor, so I'll get it out of the freezer a little bit ahead of serving it. They would be great as a popsicle too.


LeAnn said…
I saw that vendor on Friday, but, sadly, had no cash on me. Maybe he'll be back next week?
Kathy... said…
Sounds terrific! Thanks for sharing. I'll have to give this a try!