White Tailed Squirrel sighting

I've never seen a gray squirrel with a white tail before. Unfortunately, I didn't get a good picture of the one in my yard, he was too far away and I didn't have my zoom lens on my camera. I thought it was a skunk at first, but when I got the binocs out, I saw it was a gray squirrel with a white/cream colored tail. How bizarre.

I then went to Google and searched for white-tailed squirrel. There are other sightings of them and here are a few links. Here. and Here.


Kathy... said…
OMG! How interesting! My husband had never heard of that before either! Now, if it were seen in our backyard, it would be due to Sofee's fierce squirrel patrol.....scaring them so badly! She is famous for her backyard surveillance. (Actually, I've had to come to her rescue a few times, as they are bigger than her and sometimes kind of nasty!) but I promised I'd never tell that....so Shhhhh - don't tell anyone!
LeAnn said…
Are you sure it wasn't a magical squirrel?
How Did you get the photo of the one with the fire hydrant ?? IT IS Copyrighted ! ( I photoed that squirrel ) My Name Is Karen Murnane and the photo is copy writed under Cupcakes2 Flickr . Taken May 16th 2009 in the town of Lagrange Indiana .
Liana said…
Cupcakes, All I did was post a link to the picture. You'll have to get with that person who has it on Flickr. It's not me.