My UFO list is dwindling

BUT, my new projects list is increasing. As it should be of course.

OK, somewhat electronic geek that I am, I loaded all my current knitting projects on the Task List in Microsoft Outlook. That syncs up to my Smartphone and TADA!!!! The Task List stares at me every day. That Number of uncompleted tasks shouts at me everyday. No, it doesn't stress me out, it actually gives me pleasure because I know that I will soon be knitting something to completion. It also reminds me of different things to work on without forgetting one of them. I can look at the task list and pick which one I want to work on and then go find which bag I've stored it in. It's perfect and keeps me organized.

I've finished knitting Ishbel, it just needs its ends woven in and blocked. I've also added red buttons to the Garter Yoke Baby Cardi and it's adorable. It's going into the "future gifts" box. (Pics to be added later)

As for the Silent Auction baby set, I picked Plymouth's DreamBaby in what I thought was a neutral color. buds and knitsibs alike say that it's screaming GIRL, but it's too late now. Why does this happen? It's got all the colors, predominantly white, but they tell me that the pink is what stands out. Whatever! Why are we so hell-bent on dressing babies in their appropriate gender colors? Are there really reactions from people out there that if a baby boy is wearing a slight amount of pink that the baby is gay? or that maybe the parents are gay for putting the baby in those colors? Why is it more acceptable for a baby girl to wear blue than it is for a baby boy to wear pink? If people say, what a beautiful boy (and it's a girl), just tell them thank you and move on. You don't have to correct them and make them feel embarrassed. If the people know you then they know its gender anyway, so I just don't get it. Maybe I would had I had children. I just don't know.

Have you seen the movie Julie and Julia? If you have then you'll know that Julie cooked something everyday for a year from one of Julia Childs cookbooks. Now, I'm not saying that I'll knit something everyday from a knit book, but I have ALOT of knitting books. What I'd like to do is knit at least one item from each of my books. I know I have some books that are mostly reference and will make an adjustment for them, but I have to prove to myself that I'm not just collecting books. I bought them for a reason. I know I love books but I should take the time to knit at least something from them. So, listmaker that I am, I will make a list of all of my books, peruse the book to select an item (beneficial in itself), add that item to the list, and then eventually knit it. Doesn't this sound fabulous??? I spend so much time on Ravelry perusing patterns when I have a boatload of patterns in my book collection (free now since I have the book already). I will post a list here on this blog, probably in My Lists.


Jackie said…
Look at you with your lists! I have a lot of knitting books I need to knit something from. Maybe I'll start with sweaters for the pups?

The baby sweater is beautiful. I think it's more girly not so much because of the pink but because of the pastel colors. I agree with you though that it shouldn't be a big deal if a boy wears pink!
Christina said…
Amen, sister with the pink and blue. I love the list least something is getting done.
LeAnn said…
As one of the knitsibs who pointed out the pink in the yarn, I stand by my opinion that this is a girly yarn. But I think everyone will agree, it's beautiful and the sweater will be too.
Liana said…
Heeheeee, LeAnn you were just one of many who said the yarn was girly. I really heard it from the girls at work. I was not aiming my finger in any particular direction. I "secretly" agree that after I started knitting it, it was definitely looking like a girliy color, I just don't understand why we put so much importance on it.