A rare photo opportunity and a new project

Yes, turkeys are plentiful and they are everywhere, especially for those of us who do a lot of driving, especially on country roads. Always having to brake for them aren't we? Turkeys are very skittish birds and it's a rare opportunity to get this close to them to take pics. I apologize for the pics through a window, but these mothers and babies were walking through my front yard, close to the house. I had to seize the oppotunity.

They made it close to the side of the house where I have large palladium windows. I had anticipated them coming this way so I was ready for them.
I made a VERY slight movement, and off they went. My photo opportunity was gone.

Here is the finished photo for the Garter Yoke Baby Cardi with buttons.

I started this project last night using SWTC Tranquility. Of course, it will get added to my Task List in Outlook. I will be making the sleeves mid-length rather than stopping at the bicep. I'm knitting it on 10.75 US so it's going pretty fast. The color is Caribbean. Love it!

I did a gauge swatch using 8, 9 and 10. The yarn calls for 8 which makes a nice tight weave, but I wanted something looser and a little drapier. So far so good.


LeAnn said…
I saw that cardi in Ravelry and thought it was very cute.

You want more turkey photo opps? Come out to my neck of the woods. I usually have to slow my car down to let them cross the road.
Christina said…
There all over the place now because they know it's August and they have a little leeway before Thanksgiving.
LeAnn said…
I should start aiming for them when I'm driving out of our area. I could stock up and sell them for Thanksgiving (as long as the customers don't mind tire tracks and gravel in their turkey).
Christina said…
You're killing me....tire tracks and gravel....hahahahahha