I just love finished projects and of course starting new ones

I've had the lovely Storm Cloud Shawlette in my queued projects for awhile now. I purchased some South American Cotton Space Dyed from Punta Yarns for half price from my LYS several weeks back. It's a wonderfully soft chunky cotton.

The pattern and the yarn go surprisingly well together and I'm loving the drapiness of it. I started it last night and I've already completed 46 rows.

As I was perusing the designer's blog, I found her quite interesting. She's a rock climber, she knits, she's working on her PhD and I also realized she had some beautiful photos uploaded. Go and take a look if you get a chance.

I finished the project that was being donated to the Minnie Pearl Silent Auction. Since I didn't know the baby gender, I did buttons back to back so that the parent could choose which button they wanted on the front.I also had a buttonhole on each side so it was gender ready as well.

To complete the set I made the Simple Baby Hat (wonderful pattern) and the booties, my all time favorite bootie pattern. Both in my Ravelry projects.

I've also started and halfway completed the Owl Cowl and Neckwarmer. I picked out the buttons Thursday with the help of my LYS knitsibs. Pics to come of the completed version with buttons but this is what I have done so far.


Jackie said…
I love the way you customized the baby sweater so it would be suitable for either gender! Very smart.
Christina said…
You're really coming along on completing some projects. I know it feels good.
Cady May said…
Really nice work! I am inspired! (I have far too many unfinished right now)
LeAnn said…
Bootiful work. I especially love that baby hat!