Vacation in the fall is a wonderful thing, I love it! The weather is cooler, the sky is a gorgeous blue, the fall colors are eye candy, and no bugs when you sit outside, the list is endless. On Sunday, we (DH and I) took the pickup to the back 40 to remove a dead trunk that had fallen. Now I use the word "we" very loosely. I didn't really help, I was there just in case. I had my chair, my knitting and my camera though.

The view was gorgeous. While I was sitting there, I started the Multnomah shawl. Easy knitting. I cast on with Size 3 needles using Malabrigo sock yarn. I love this stuff.

I took this picture a little late. DH had already been using the chainsaw for a little while to break it up into chunks he could push with the front end loader. He's a very talented tractor driver, he moves those logs with ease into the brushpile. I should've taken a video.

On the way back to the house, we picked some pears. They are delicious and very crunchy. A good crop this year even though it's been very dry. The deer eat most of the ones we can reach by hand, so DH got into the bed of the truck and picked some. yummmyyyyyy.

I had finished knitting the Ishbel in August, finally wove in the ends and then this week I blocked it. I knit this in Koigu and I love the blue.
As I mentioned above, I started the Multnomah shawl while I was sitting outside watching DH work. I have now finished the garter stitch part and have started the Feather and Fan section. I really like this Malabrigo sock yarn, I'm going to have to look around and see what else I can make with it.

This weekend is the Murfreesboro Fiber Festival. It's a long drive for me to go, but I haven't been before, so I may have to go check it out. We'll see.


Kathy... said…
I'm right with you....fall vacations are the best!

Love your shawls....I have not made the Multnamahl (sp??) lol. I think I am the only person in my knitting group who has not.

I envy the pears! Our garden didn't produce much of anything this year...just too wet. I miss the fresh produce soooo much.
Rebecca said…
beautiful shawl!
agree X million about fall and vacation and eye candy... just lov it!!!!!!!
i have one week off as of tongith and am ecstatic!!!!!!!!!
Jackie said…
I wish I was sitting in a chair right next to you! I can feel the crisp air and smell the fresh air through your pictures.

I've never tried Malabrigo Sock.....I need to fix that.
LeAnn said…
Hope you enjoyed your vacation. We missed you downtown this week, although I didn't make it to our lunch group. Bring Ishbel next week so I can try it on! ;)
Joansie said…
Love the shawl. It's in my "to knit" list. You and I have similar taste in our knitting projects.