A beautiful mid-November weekend and some productive knitting time

The weather these last 3-4 days has been absolutley beautiful. It's been in the mid-70's, how can you beat that for mid-November?

Before knit night on Thursday, I took a little drive down beautiful Belle Meade Boulevard. Belle Meade Blvd is a divided boulevard, a carefully monitored speed limit of 35 mph, and houses that range from a low $2 million and up. It's been a long time since I drove down that lane, which ends at Percy Warner Park. There are 2 parks side by side, Percy Warner and Edwin Warner, only separated by Old Hickory Blvd. These parks cover nearly 2700 acres. (Wiki link here) It was a cool day on Thursday but the drive through the park was nice. Here are some photos of that drive. I only drove through Percy Warner this particular day.

This view is as you enter the park from Belle Meade Blvd. Those are stone steps you see going up.

A side angle view of those same steps.

This is the view from the top looking down towards the steps and Belle Meade Blvd.

On the drive through that park, all these trees in yellow, just pleasing to the eye.

It was a peaceful day.

I have been knitting like crazy and I have some finished objects to take off of my ongoing task list. The Baktus, this one knit with sock yarn on size 4 needles.

This Baktus was knit with Nashua Equinox Stripe (chunky yarn) on size US 19 needles. BIG NEEDLES = very fast knit. I knit it in a little over 1 day and it only took 2 skeins.

This is for Show n Tell. The pattern was in the Creative Knitting Magazine and the concept is to knit strips and then you weave them together. I should have done it in a solid blue and a solid white, but all I had was the variegated white which won't look as cool, but wanted to document it anyway. While this was fun on a small scale, I don't see doing this for a set of placemats. too tedious. I would rather break out my Cricket Loom and learn to use it. (I'm close to getting it out of the box)
These little cuties are little sachets filled with Lavender! I'm going to make some with rosemary too. These are knit with Sirdar Flirty on size 4 needles using double knitting which makes its own little pocket. Very easy to do!


Kathy... said…
Beautiful photos. I have been to Nashville only once, for business....drove from the airport to the hotel and back, so that hardly counts. I hope I can visit Tennessee someday - I bet it's gorgeous!

Love your finished knits. Baktus is on my list for someday.
LeAnn said…
I didn't know you were going back for knit night. I would have come into town!
Christina said…
I love the sachets. You must teach me, please. I'll trade for cricket lessons.
Jackie said…
What a gorgeous park! It looks like a great place to take a walk.