Neil and Amigurumi fun

I crocheted this little guy (Happy Frog link) for a co-worker. Most all of my other amigurumi family members were given to co-workers and since next Friday is our last day at work together, one of my co-workers who didn't have one of my creations, asked for something special from me. So, I made the Happy Frog. Said co-worker decided to call him Neil. I didn't get it at first but then she started humming the tune I Am, I Said by Neil Diamond. (We both love Neil Diamond) If you recall the lyrics in that song......."Did you ever read about a frog who dreamed of being a king....And then became one", that's why she named him Neil.

Now, I love crocheting the little individual pieces.......but I abhor putting them together. UGH!!!!!!

So, this.........
turned in to this!
I put 3 bb's in each foot and hand to give him a little weight. He won't sit up on his own though because his head is bigger than his body, but he's adorable leaning against something anyway.


Kathy... said…
Yes, I agree....he is adorable. And I also am a N.D. fan.
Christina said…
I love this little dude!!