Who says there has to be a title

Yeah, couldn't come up with one. Maybe I will by the time I finish this post. If not, I can always go back and edit the post and add a title. Maybe you guys can give me some ideas. :-)

Anyway, I am now officially unemployed. Friday went off without too many tears and we were out of there by 10:20. I said good-bye to downtown with a wave. I met 2 knitsibs from my Wed knit group for lunch and we actually sat outside. It was a beautiful mid to upper 70's and the sun was bright. Can you believe that we were able to sit outside in mid-November? Does that mean that we will have a mild winter and no bugs will die? which in turn means a horribly hot summer with lots of bugs? Who the heck knows, the weathermen sure don't. I digress, sorry. I do have an interview on Monday, and if nothing else, it will give me some interviewing practice again.

Meanwhile, my task list for my time off is growing. I know I want to get some knitting done, but I also want to do some sewing, which means I need to get in my hobby room and finish cleaning my sewing table off so that I can get to my sewing machine.

I do have some updates on my knitting projects. No FO's yet, but I'm getting close on a couple. I cast-on for the Baktus a little while back and yesterday got to the decreasing part. It's coming along nicely and it's fun to knit. The yarn is Knit One Crochet Too Crock-o-Dye sock yarn on size US4 needles. I like the way it's striping too.

A finished project is the Storm Cloud Shawlette #1. The pattern calls for a fingering yarn for the shawlette and I thought I would use a chunkier yarn and get a shawl size. It worked and I love it. I get lots of compliments on it. I used South American Cotton Space Dyed from Punta Yarns on size US10.75 needles.

A view of the front......
A view of the back:

Still on the needles:

~Multnomah shawl
~Lace Ribbon Scarf
~Storm Cloud Shawlette # 2
~Simple Cardigan
~Charity Lapghan


Kathy... said…
Enjoy your time off. I'm sure you'll find something quicker than you think....and then you'll miss the free time again. Unless you are like me, and totally retire, which is heavenly!!! Love the shawl, btw. I just cast on for Jared Flood's "Terra". Really a fun project.
Jackie said…
Good luck tomorrow! I hope you have some time off but not more than what you want!
Rebecca said…
good luck with interview
in the meantime, enjoy!!! that time for yourself - respite!!!! happy knitting!
Christina said…
Hope all goes well today. Love the shawlette/shawl.