10 Intentions for 2011

One of the blogs I follow is Carole Knits. Every Tuesday she does a blog entry titled "10 on Tuesday". She has themes for other days of the week as well, but I'm always inspired by her 10 on Tuesday. I didn't read her blog entry until today so I'm a little late on posting one myself, but I thought it would be a good idea to post 10 Intentions for 2011 as well. Thanks Carole for your inspiration.

10 Intentions for 2011:
  1. Exercise more. Make it part of my routine rather than a chore. I have a recumbent bike that I like to ride, just need to make it part of my routine.
  2. Lose weight. I need to put this down on paper so I have to see it, to hold myself accountable.
  3. Find a job that I love.
  4. Knit from my stash.
  5. Knit or crochet more items for charity.
  6. Get my 35mm camera out of hibernation. Remove myself from my current state of point and shoot mode and start challenging mysef with monthly photo projects similar to what I used to do when I belonged to the Cobb Photographic Society in Marietta, GA. Great camera club. They actually have their contest projects online, so I may have to follow along. Good starting point.
  7. Practice my French. Since my Mom passed away I don't practice at all anymore. I used to get reinforcement from her because she would at least speak to me in french, that way I didn't lose my listening skills, but now, no reinforcements. Practice, practice, practice. Maybe join the Alliance Francaise?
  8. Continue to organize and declutter. I have done pretty well with that this past year and I have donated lots of bags to Goodwill already, but there is more to do. Keep up the decluttering.
  9. Write more letters to far away friends.
  10. Blog more often. I can blog more often right now since I'm not working, but once work starts up again, I need to keep it up at least weekly.


Jackie said…
Great goals for 2011! I particularly like the one about keeping up with your French. I had no idea that you had a french heritage. I'd love to hear more about that!
Rebecca said…
Beaucoup de bonnes intentions.
Tu as Skype? Je pourrais peut-etre t'aider avec le français?
Juste une idée
Sinon, bon courage avec tes intentions :D
LeAnn said…
Great list! I have my own, but I wasn't as brave as you -- I put them on a private blog. :)
It was so great seeing you Thursday. Oh yeah! I need to put Thursday knit nights on my list!