2010 is almost gone

While I was in Carlinville helping my brother pack to move back to TN, his neighbors took us to a little place in "downtown" Carlinville called Taylors Chili. (link) A very small place but you could tell that it was immensely popular with the locals. It's mostly known for it's Chili but they also have a Butter Bean soup which was to die for. You could also get Butter Bean Soup "with". Now for those of us in the South, "with" is usually followed by the "what". So in the case above, we would have said Butter Bean Soup with a scoop of chili. However, the Menu just said With. The difference in the language was quickly forgotten because when you placed a spoonful of the "Butter Bean Soup with" in your mouth, it was divine. Thanks to Rich, Judy, Tom and Nancy for turning us on to that place. It was great meeting all of you and also enjoying Judy's fabulous lasagne. And oh by the way, they ship their product, so go check out their link.

It's hard to believe that 2010 is almost over. Every year around this time of year I buy my new "paper" calendar and love the ritual of transferring some data from the old paper calendar to the new one. I don't know why I love that ritual, I just do. Maybe it's because it allows me to reflect on the year, what I've accomplished and sadly those items that fell short in my planning. For the most part it was a productive year. I then review the paper calendar and I use Excel to record Events that occurred that DH and I may need to remember, such as replacing A/C, a new TV, a little road trip, etc.. You'd be surprised when you review the list of events at a later date, you say out loud....."what, we did that 6 years ago? I thought it was only 2 years ago. Time flies........

In my calendar, I also keep a list of current projects on the needles as well as a list of Future Projects. Throughout the year, I may lose interest in some of the items I have on the Future Projects list and those don't get transferred to the new calendar, but they stay on the list for a year anyway, so I have plenty of time to decide whether they will get made or not. When I reviewed the running list of Current Projects on the Needles, I was happy to see that most of them had been completed in 2010. Some projects I start and finish quickly enough that they never make it to my list on the paper calendar, but they are either recorded in Ravelry or my Task List in Outlook.

My list of completed projects in 2010 that I can document so far:
  1. Comfy Cape - Pabiche
  2. Potato Chip Scarf - Mini Mochi
  3. Potato Chip Scarf - Plymouth Kudos
  4. Ishbel
  5. Amanda Hat (2)
  6. Darkside Cowl
  7. Wham Bam Cowl (2)
  8. Owl Cowl & Neckwarmer
  9. Storm Could Shawlette #1
  10. Dog Sweater for Gizmo
  11. Ankle Warmers for Michael
  12. Aston Baby Hat and Booties for Elsa
  13. Log Cabin Lapghan for charity
  14. Preemie blankets for charity
  15. Baby Surprise Jacket and Onesie for Henri
  16. Multnomah Shawl
  17. Garter Yoke Baby Cardigan
  18. Baktus (2)
I won't have my new laptop for a couple of weeks yet so I can't upload any photos to post.


Jackie said…
You've accomplished a lot in 2010! Congrats!

I have absolutely no interest in organizational activities this year - so very different from last year. I think it has to do with being sick with the stomach flu and getting a cold back to back.
Kathy... said…
funny - I so enjoy my paper calenders too! I thought I was the only throw back to the paper age...LOL.

Quite a list of accomplishments you have there. Congrats.

My computer is pushing 8 yrs of age, and I think it is showing signs of needing replaced. So, perhaps that will be in my future too. What laptop did your order?? I should probably start the research for a new machine....just more fun to knit and play with BG!

Hope 2011 is good to you.....