Finished projects modeled by recipients

The package was received by my brother. He took pictures of the finished projects on the recipients themselves.

First up, the small dog sweater for Giz. He's already been taken for a walk wearing his little coat. I originally blogged about it here. Isn't he adorable? It fits him perfectly!

The other item up is the set of ankle warmers. He says they are perfect except he wants them longer. In asking more questions, he wants them to come up over his calves, which makes them leg warmers rather than just ankle warmers. I misunderstood the first time. I bought 2 skeins of Malabrigo Rios so I will make the second pair longer. The width was good at 60 stitches and a 2x2 ribbing.


Jackie said…
I love that you're blogging more!

Love the dog sweater! It fits *perfectly*. Now I want to knit 2 for my pups. Cute. Cute. Cute.
Christina said…
The puppy is a very good model!
Rebecca said…
love your special gifts for your brother :D
Kathy... said…
Nice gifts! So fun to see them on their intended owners, isn't it. Love the doggie jacket!
Chris said…
Love the pooch fashion show! They look so proud.
Your work is always lovely!
LeAnn said…
Aw, the Giz-sweater! It is very cute.