My first winter cold, as in sniffles

Horrible time to be feeling ill, but DH got it first, then gave it to me. argh! I think I'm finally on the road to recovery but it's a long process. I actually slept through the night (almost) last night. In all the waking hours though, it has provided some fruitful knitting time, albeit with maybe one eye shut. :-)

I finished knitting the Multnomah. It needs a quick bath and a block but this is it before blocking.
I also started the cute Patches Baby Sweater from the new Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders Book. I like the projects in this book, but what I don't like about this book in comparison to the other One-Skein books, is that is doesn't have a "picture page" of all the projects in the book, you have to go to each pattern to see the picture of what's in the book. Now while that may be good for the editor and the patterns in that it forces you to look at each page, it's not good for when the knitter wants to find something quick to knit. Probably just comes from being spoiled on the other one-skein books, but I liked and enjoyed that feature. Oh, sorry for my rambling, back to the sweater. It's knit in strips but after you knit the first one, you attach them to the first strip as you knit the 2nd strip, etc. You can see what I've done here.

I'm using Paton's Kroy Sock yarn. Not particularly enjoying the striping effect at the moment, but I'll deal with it as an experiment.

As to a finished project, the Ankle Warmers that I knit for my brother. They were shipped off to him on Monday. He wears Crocs without socks and said his ankles were getting cold and wanted something to keep his ankles warm. Hence, an easy 2x2 rib for easy fitting in the wonderful washable Malabrigo Rios (love this stuff).
This is me modeling them at the moment, I hope to replace this picture of one with my brother modeling.
I also started another Capelet. This is in the Mission Falls 1824 Wool yarn that I purchased at half price with the big blowout sale at my LYS. Love that store!!!!!


Jackie said…
So sorry to hear you're feeling sick! Ugh!

Lovely knitting! I think I need to start something new...
Kathy... said…
Hope you feel better soon. BG has had several colds (courtesy of preschool) but I have managed to stay healthy. (knock on wood).

Love the shawl - very nice. I have yet to knit that pattern, but hopefully I'll get to it someday.

Really love the baby sweater. I have thumbed thru the book, but missed that design. It would have been hard to pass up.....
Rebecca said…
oh man! hope you get better quick!
love all your wips and fo's - i just finished a multnomah too