Nostepinnes.......or the lack thereof

My Wish List has a Nostepinne on it, however, I have been using several items as makeshift Nostepinnes to wind my yarn by hand. (I have a ball winder, but I prefer the balls wound by hand) So, my makeshift Nostepinnes range from smooth flashlights to large knitting needles and now I'm using this. I almost always have one in my purse, so it's perfect!

You ready to see????

A perfect center-pull yarn.
I know this is a small ball of yarn, but I do 100 gr skeins of purchased yarn all the time. The above is a single ply merino that I spun on my Schacht Spindle. I'll probably use it to make a lavender sachet.

Thanks to a fellow Raveler in the Spindle group, they mentioned using a container they bought at the dollar store to ply their yarn. I found mine in my hobby room and I used it to wind my yarn. So much easier than what I've done before. Have I mentioned I love Ravelry? So many knowledgable people out there with all kinds of helpful tips and tricks.
I leave you with some scenes from yesterday. It's still so cold that the snow is staying around, although today the snow looks a little more patchy. We are supposed to get ice this afternoon and tonight so it will be much more treacherous than what we had on Sunday and Monday. Almost anyone can drive in snow if they have to, but even experts can't drive on ice.


Christina said…
Let's all name the household items and body parts we've balled yarn on....
LeAnn said…
Liana wound a ball of yarn for me the other night at the Haus. It was poetry in motion, I tell ya!