New Laptop is here!

YES!!!! It arrived a week early, I was so excited. FedEx knocked on my door on Friday with the laptop. DH worked on it until yesterday, installing updates, installing my software, upgrades, etc. It's very fast compared to that old behemoth I had. This machine has Windows 7 so I'll have some adjustments to make and some learning to do.

DH and I had a nice New Years weekend. We opened a bottle of Merlot and celebrated the new year, NYE is also an anniversary of 33 years since we moved in together. Unbelievable. Since he was busy with the computer, I spent some time knitting and reading. I am working on the last sleeve for the Patches Baby Sweater and I told my knitsibs that I would show them how to connect the pieces as you knit them, so now I need to wait to finish it until Thursday. It's a fun knit, so much so that I bought some more yarn to make another, this time with a contrasting color for the garter stitch portion.
So, I'll leave you for now and get back to learning more about the features on my laptop. Ciao!


LeAnn said…
A brand spanking new laptop! And it's so purdy too!
Kathy... said…
Congrats! What fun!!

I looked at new laptops over the weekend. I'll be interested in how you like Windows 7...after the adjustment period, of course. Dell are nice machines - IMO anyway. Probably what I will get too.